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American League
National League
#1 - Kevin Towers - White Sox
#2 - Jeffrey Ledin - Twins
#3 - Marcos Mirelez - Marlins
#4 - Preston Koepke - Marlins
#5 - Nick Palmquist - Twins
#6 - Patrick Subialka - White Sox
#7 - John Lewis - White Sox
#8 - Jacob Hess - Twins
#9 - Pat Dee - Marlins
#10 - Dillon Platzer - Twins
#11 - Paul Langfellow - Twins
#12 - Joe Larson - White Sox
#15 - Kyle Ritten - White Sox

Manager: Tom Ritten White Sox
Coaches: Mike Dee - Marlins, Wally Langfellow - Twins

#1 - Austin Schutz - Brewers
#2 - Isak Gallani-Matyas - Pirates
#3 - Danny Sontowski - Brewers
#4 - Jordan Williams - Yankees
#5 - Austin Line - Pirates
#6 - Joe Bloch - Yankees
#7 - John Peterson - Mets
#8 - Alex Johnson - Mets
#9 - Josh Peterson - Mets
#10 - Zach Therres - Pirates
#13 - Sam Meyer - Pirates
#14 - Ian Ruth- Yankees
#15 - Joe McNosky - Brewers

Manager: Rich Therres - Pirates
Coaches: Pete Johnson - Mets , Dan Sontowski - Brewers, Dave Williams -

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The National League nearly overcame a 9-1 deficit, but fell short in losing the A-Minor All-Star game 16-11. The Nationals were managed by Pirates' manager Rich Therres.

The Robbinsdale Lions donated $6000 to Robbinsdale Little League towards the installation of an irrigation system at Sanborn Park's North field. Lions member Bob Stamos spoke in a pre-game ceremony before the A-Minor All-Star game.

Pat Dee of the Marlins and the American League looks on from right field

Kyle Ritten of the White Sox scores. Ritten had two hits in the game for the American League

The National League's Austin Line's second inning inside-the-park homerun tied the game at 1-1 while John Lewis of the Sox waits for a throw that never came.

Isak Gallini Matyas of the Pirates waits for the ball at shortstop.

The American League, led by White Sox manager Tom Ritten, never trailed in the game as they rolled to a 16-11 win over the Nationals.

Alex Johnson of the Mets is called out at first base by umpire Pat Bothum

Kyle Ritten of the White Sox tags out the Pirates' Sam Meyer on an attempted steal in the first inning

Kyle Ritten of the White Sox, slides safely into third base fora triple

The American League scored 9 runs in the first 3 innings off of National League pitching

Kevin Towers of the White Sox and the American League backs out of the way of an inside pitch