Front Row Seat
Berman lowers the boom on contraction
by Eric Nelson-WMIN-AM 740 Fastbreak Sports
Spring 2002

"I think back to the Super Bowl (XXVI). The city did a great job. I love the place."

Eric Nelson caught up with ESPN's Chris "Boomer" Berman at Super Bowl (XXXVI) in New Orleans. They discussed the contraction, a new Twins ballpark, and the Vikings.
Q&A:  Chris Berman, Sports Anchor ESPN

EN: What are your thoughts on Major League Baseball trying to contract the Twins?
CB:  The Twins had a great year last year. The people showed up. The Twins are a big part of the fabric of Major League Baseball. They should be playing baseball in 2002 and years beyond. That's easy for me to answer. The Twins don't belong in contraction.

EN: Do you think Minnesota needs a new ballpark?
CB: The park (Metrodome) has been a joke for baseball forever. Hefty bags, all those wonderful teams that won in '87 and '91 and they played in a Hefty bag. We can do better than that.

EN: What are your thoughts on Mike Tice being named Vikings coach?
CB: I've known Mike "Miami" Tice for awhile and I'm glad that he got the job. He's very capable and he will be a tough guy. I love what Denny [Green] did up there. Look, I don't know that anybody could've steered that ship right last year. I mean the events you guys lived. You start with Korey (Stringer) passing away and your wide receiver deciding when he wants to play. I don't know what Denny could've done considering all the other things. He takes a chance on a guy like (Daunte) Culpepper, all the good things that he did, to have him booted out. It's unfortunate because I don't know that anyone else would've had that sort of record over a 10-year span.

EN: What was your opinion regarding Randy Moss' comments on playing hard when he feels like it?
CB: If that's what he felt, he should be ashamed of himself , forever.

EN: Do you wish you could take more sports-related trips to Minnesota?
CB: I think back to the Super Bowl (XXVI). The city did a great job. I love the place. The people are great. Last year I didn't have a Twins game, I could've, but I don't do games every week anymore. I was kind of bummed that my Wednesdays didn't turn out to be a Twins game at home. Obviously it's been ten years really since there's been a big need for us to go in there for big games late in the year. I was warmed by it. Those were some fun times when the Twins were in the World Series.

EN: If the Twins win the World Series, would Bud Selig still try and contract the team two days after a victory parade?
CB: Let's hope we don't come to that. A Twins-Expos World Series, I'm all for it-eh.